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LE-07 (custom)

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LE-07 (custom)


This is paintball marker rebuilt from Law Enforcement Less Lethal Model 07. Only few pieces have been modified for paintball. 

As demo marker it has been dispayed and tested couple times and come with some minor scratches.

Same as for SMG and Magnus, this marker is build around D.E.R.P. (Dynamic Exo Retentnion Platform) that contain HeatCore engine in one mechanical housing, which is set in the unique, one piece, CNC machined upper receiver.  

Marker is MagFed only, equipped with unique magwell, which allows you to use Milsig 8rd magazines, ZetaMags and Tempest Drum magazines. Magwell features ambidextrous magazine release. 

LE-07 is able shoot both regular paintballs and shaped projectiles and can shoot in semi-auto and mechanical full-auto firing modes.  


Unique one piece CNC machined upper receiver/shroud

Unique Magwell - accepts 8rd, ZetaMags and Tempest Drum magazines

Marksman PARA rifled barrel

Metal folding sights

Egro grip

MATS stock

HeatCore engine in D.E.R.P. housing

Simple maintenance

Shoots both regular 68 cal paintballs and shaped projectiles

Semi-auto and MECHANICAL full auto firing modes


Length (stock in shortest possition, PARA barrel installed) - 835mm

Length (stock fully extended possition, PARA barrel installed) - 870mm

Length (upper receiver/shroud, HeatCore included) - 486mm

Top receiver shroud rail length - 433mm

Additional shroud rails length - 245mm

Weight (PARA barrel, metal sights and MATS stock installed, without air system, without magazine) - 2,53kg

Package includes:

Milsig LE-07 unique paintball marker

5x 8rd magazines (1st gen)

Marksman PARA (400mm) rifled barrel

MATS 13ci air systems compatibel butt stock

Ergo pistol grip

Metal folding sights

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