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Main Bolt 2019 (A2, M5)

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SKU: RP-531-C

Main Bolt 2019 (A2, M5)

Complete bolt for A2 and M5 Markers. 


  • Three piece construction. 
  • Increased air flow - better air efficiency, more shots per air tank fill.
  • Smooth Conical Firing Pin for increased longevity of the HeatCore Valve Stem O-ring.
  • Deeper cut in the Bolt Main Body part ensures better contact between Sear and Bolt and prevents marker from shooting by itself.
  • Interchangeable Front Tip. 

Fits following Milsig markers:

  • Paradigm PRO
  • M Series Elite
  • M17 DMR
  • M17 XDC
  • M17 CQC
  • M17 Elite
  • M5 Magnus
  • A2
  • PMC/PMC A2

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