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*DISCONTINUED*GRIZEN Modular Shroud System + Extension

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*DISCONTINUED*GRIZEN Modular Shroud System + Extension

Modular shroud for Milsig M17 A2 and Milsig M17 A2 PMC markers. Shroud consist of four main parts - 1x barrel block adaptor and 3x shroud part. Modularity of shroud allows you to change your markers role from CQB to ELITE or DMR by simply adding or removing shroud part.  


- Made of 100% 6061 T6 Aluminium.

- Seamless fit with top rail on marker body. 

- Length of the shroud itself is 35cm (adaptor + 3x shroud part).

- Fits Milsig M17 A2 and Milsig M17 A2 PMC.

Package includes:

3x Shroud part

1x Barrel Adaptor

+ Connection hardware (screws and inner rings)

GRIZEN MSS build examples*

*Ilustrative photos, marker it´s accessories is not included.

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