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Marker based on Milsig M5 Magnus platform. Apart from regular M5 Magnus, M5 XDC is enhanced with one piece Milsig M5 XDC Shroud (with functional Bolt Reset Handle) and Marksman PREDATOR Barrel.

It comes now with new RAMPED BOLT. The First Strike feeding problem is not an issue anymore.

M5 XDC is capable of shooting both regular 68 cal. paintballs or First Strikes rounds and with all MILSIG M17 guns, it is fully automatic!

About M5 Magnus

Internally, the M5 uses our D.E.R.P. (Dynamic Exo Retention Platform) to contain the HeatCore™ in one functioning mechanical housing. This means that the internals of the marker can be completely removed and operated independently of the marker body.

As always, MILSIG Markers all include our unreasonably simple, Patented Mechanical FullAuto system. With only a single point of adjustment,

MILSIG’s Mechanical full auto is pretty fool proof, being simple to tune and maintain.

Holding true to the M-Series title, the M5 is made from CNC machined aluminium upper receiver, paired with our steel reinforced polymer lower, creating an extremely durable, yet lightweight platform gripframe.

Features, Features and more features. Adding to a whole list of firsts, the newly designed magazine well from the M5 integrates a dual index ambidextrous release. This means that there is a release button in the index finger position on both sides of the magazine well. Coupled with an ambidextrous selector switch, this is a truly dual handed marker, allowing seamless transition between left and right handed shooting positions.

Additionally, this dual magazine magwell allows the use of all square head magazines with room for future magazine options. It is a continual goalto support the players that purchase our markers for as long as possible. MILSIG would be nowhere without everyone that has supported us along the way. Maintaining backwards compatibility is always an important goal. We’d rather not make a new magazine that forces you to get rid of everything you already have. So you will be able to use following magazines - M5 Hybrid Magazine, M17 Hybrid Magazine, GMAG and 20rd PB Magazine.

About Marksman PREDATOR Barrel

The Marksman Hybrid line of barrels uses a precision rifled bore measuring .688 caliber. Through rigorous testing, our     development team has determined this to be the ideal bore to achieve a fantastic result with both FirstStrike™, as well as .68     caliber paintballs. With the rising deviation in projectile size and shape, this bore gives tolerance to oversized rounds, reducing   or eliminating chopping within the barrel. Our bore control Barrel Back Kits can help tighten up grouping and efficiency on   smaller projectiles when needed as well. Front tip metric threading allows to use Silencer or Muzzle brake. Length - 350mm. Outer diameter 7/8".

Milsig M5 XDC specifications:

  • Length:84cm (stock max. extended)
  • Weight: 2,3kg (no magazine, no air system)
  • Magazine Type: Square Head, M5 Hybrid Magazine
  • Fire Modes: Safe, Semi Auto, Full Auto (Mechanical)
  • Rate of Fire: 12.5bps locked
  • Rifled 350 mm Barrel
  • Ramped Bolt for best FSR feeding performance

Package includes:

  • M5 XDC Marker
  • Barrel Plug
  • 1x Gmag
  • HCS  Stock
  • POLYMER Flip UP Sights
  • 350 mm Rifled MARKSMAN Predator Barrel
  • ERGO Pistol Grip
  • AMBI Selector Switch
  • ProComp Muzzle Brake

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only, air system is NOT part of the package.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS MARKER DOES NOT COME WITH "F" STAMP. It is not certified for German market and is not modified in accordance with German restriction. Feel free to contact us for more info where to buy "F" stamped marker or buy directly from any of our German dealers. 

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