Law Enforcement Less Lethal Launchers - MILSIG Direct Europe

Law Enforcement Less Lethal Launchers

Introducing the premier Less Lethal System avaliable for Law Enforcement, Military , and   
private security use, the MILSIG ENFORCER Less Lethal Launcher System. This 17mm (0,68cal) air powered 
launcher can be used with projectiles that are specially designed for less lethal security situations. 
These projectiles include: low cost rubber rounds for pain compliance, special liquid dye filled marking rounds for perpetrator identification, or chemical irritant rounds for area control.  These versatile systems can deliver effective stopping power and area control with a reduced risk of permanent injury, or death.  By reducing the chance of an incident resulting in death or serious permanent injury, agencies can employ the MILSIG ENFORCER Less Lethal Launcher system to reduce liability costs and risks to agency personnel and the public alike.

MILSIG ENFORCER Less Lethal Launcher System offers:
    - Reduction in potential legal expenses
    - Reduced personal injury risks for agency staff
    - Reduced medical expenses to agency staff
    - Reduced administrative expense
    - Improved public relations

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