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Tactical Training Systems

Introducing the premier Tactical Training System avaliable for Law Enforcement, Military , and
private use, the MILSIG TACTICAL TRAINING System. This 17mm (0,68cal) air powered
marker can be used with projectiles that are specially designed for training situations.

These markers can be used with different projectiles depending on your training needs: Standard low cost paintballs for force on force training where targets need to be clearly marked. Powder or liquid filled rounds when training gear needs to be easily cleaned. Rubber rounds for training situations where no residue can be left behind. Finally, specially made aerodynamically shaped rounds, which allow for farther engagement distances and increased accuracy.

As MILSIGTactical Training Markers meets all paintball standards, regular paintball certified protection gear like goggles can be used instead of expensive specialized protective gear.

Milsig Tactical Training Systems offers:

- Cost effective training
- Easy deployment with little to no range restrictions
- Realism of form factor and operation
- Stress induced training (Pain memory)

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